By Ainslie MacLeod

Transformation by Ainslie MacLeod
I read Ainslie’s first book “Instructions” a few years back, knew that I can’t meditate well enough to hear from my Spiritual Guides. So, before I read “Transformation” I took this online test to figure out what my pass life fears might be. As it turned out, I was most effected by the pass-life fear of powerlessness and failure.

The fear of failure explains my boundless curiosity and my drive to learn. And the fact that I prefer doing to playing might be caused by dying before I could accomplished my life plans.

The fear of powerlessness explain my need to preserve my freedom. When I was younger, I always resented people who gave me unsolicited advice then get angry with me when I didn’t comply. The other symptom is the need for control. In my other life as a designer, I used to argue with my clients because I didn’t the changes they requested. It took me a few years but now I just try them out, changed it back when those didn’t work out. Life is so much better this way.

In “Transformation,” Ainslie supplied ways to over come your past-life fear. He also brought us a positive message from his Spirit Guides.

They said that the Transformation (to a more spiritual and harmonious world) is happening no matter what. And I for one and glad that I seem to be on the path with this big change.

To the old and young souls out there, I wish the best for us all and may the Transformation be completed soon!