Imagine There Is A Heaven

Telescope, when given more power it’s an instant time machine. You witness the birth and death that have cycled since the moment our universe came to be.

Maybe there was a place like the Earth that was destroyed by its inhabitants. Maybe there was another place like the Earth where the people had gained the insight of truly being a part of the whole.

Their spirit had risen to a frequency that shifted them into another plane, where they can enjoy the luscious space without imposing on the environment. They vibrate in symphony with the rhythm of the vastness about them.

No one being has the need to take from others because there is not void in anyone’s soul. Everyone has the faith in oneself to contribute their uniqueness without letting the greed of feeling self-importance pollute one’s intention to give.

To the not yet well-evolved humans, it may seem as if that planet has lived through their golden era and now is only hanging on in the dim glow of the twilight. After all, we, are the kind that can only imagine there is a heaven.

This was a 10-min free write. Our instructor gave us three words one at the time as we write. These words are highlighted above.